Alex Dickneite

CEO/Insurance Broker

Alex grew up in the small town of Westphalia Missouri, just south of Jefferson City. He attended college at Westminster in Fulton, where he graduated as a business marketing major. He has always enjoyed talking to people, as well as helping them make decisions. He gave tours to prospective high school students that visited the college and walked them through this tough decision. He now finds joy in similarly walking seniors through the difficult decision of selecting the proper insurance plans that will help them through retirement. Alex prides himself on truly taking the time to sit down with seniors and making sure they’re getting what is best for their specific situation. However, it doesn’t stop there. As you get older, your health situation can change, and your insurance needs to stay up to date. Alex performs reviews throughout the year with his clients to make sure they’re still getting the services that fit their needs. See what he can do for you today!

What makes us different…

Alex holds licenses with over 20 different insurance carriers, which allows him to work for the client and not the company. We are able to shop all the available plans in your area, and select the one that best fits your situation.

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