Preparing for the 2023 Medicare Annual Election Period

Via: Medicare.Gov Thinking about the upcoming Medicare annual election period (also called the Medicare Fall Open Enrollment period or Fall Annual Enrollment Period) probably makes your stomach hurt. Chances are that you’ve finally just relaxed into summer with family, and perhaps you’ve gotten some travel in. Who wants to think about Medicare plans for 2023?  In the Medicare business, we can’t always accurately forecast what’s going to happen next…

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How to file an appeal if your Medicare Advantage Plan doesn’t cover an item or service

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you know it covers a lot of items and services, like prescription drugs, diabetic test supplies, cardiovascular screenings, and hospital visits. But, what should you do if your plan won’t cost an item or service you need? You have the right to ask your Medicare Advantage Plan to provide or pay for items or services you think should be covered, provided,…

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Are you new to Medicare?

If you’re just getting started with Medicare or are in your first year, we have the information you need to help you understand your health care options and get the coverage that best fits your situation.  Visit to get answers to questions like: What are the parts of Medicare?What’s the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage? How do I enroll in a health or drug plan?What will Medicare cost me? As…

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Don’t let health or transportation issues keep you from getting your COVID-19 vaccine

If you have Medicare and face challenges getting to a COVID-19 vaccine location, Medicare will pay a doctor or other care provider to give the vaccine to you in your home, at no cost to you. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is more important than ever. Do you know about the Delta variant of COVID-19 now spreading in the U.S.? It can spread easier and may be more severe than the original coronavirus.…

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Confused by all the Medicare Coverage Options? Read This.

Confused by all the Medicare Coverage Options? Choosing the right health insurance is really important for all of us, no matter what age we are. But it is really important for those with Medicare because for most people, the older we get, the more health services we use. Let’s take a basic look at what the options are. Medicare Part A: Hospital Insurance Once you turn 65, Medicare…

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Why Medicare is Relevant to All Americans

Virtually all of us benefit from Medicare, directly or indirectly. Medicare is a lifeline that puts health care in reach of millions of older Americans. But it does much more: By helping older Americans stay healthy and independent, Medicare eases a potential responsibility for younger family members. Knowledge that Medicare’s protections will be there when needed brings peace of mind to people as they get older. Here are…

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Medicare

If you are approaching Medicare eligibility you may be wondering, “Is Medicare good insurance?” (spoiler alert, it’s great!)Sometimes Medicare gets a bad rap. People complain about prescription drug prices and the dreaded “donut hole,” or fuss about the lack of coverage for long-term care. But here’s the thing: Americans are overwhelmingly satisfied with Medicare—a recent survey showed nearly 90% of enrollees are happy with their care and satisfied…

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How Financial Literacy Makes Us Happier

You might think it’s boring, complicated, or both. But understanding money is important, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Few things have as direct an impact on your life, with the potential to make you happier, healthier, and definitely richer. Here are three super important ways financial literacy makes your life better. What is financial literacy? At its most basic, financial literacy is recognizing how to use…

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Discover how permanent life insurance policies can help cover large expenses and provide tax advantages.

Most people understand the importance of purchasing life insurance to protect their loved ones. With term life insurance, they can purchase this protection for a specific period of time, and money is paid to the beneficiaries if the insured person dies during that period. In contrast, permanent life insurance lasts as long as the policy owner continues paying premiums — and will pay the death benefit whenever the insured…

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4 Simple Steps to Understanding Medicare (2021)

Understanding Medicare is easier said than done. You get a big ‘old Medicare & You Handbook for 2021 in the mail, full of terms you’ve never heard before. Then there are scores of insurance companies bombing your mailbox with a foot-high stack of mail every week. Are you supposed to read all that and have any idea what to do? How do you know which mail is ok to throw away? Frankly, Medicare…

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